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If you are looking to buy a certain photo, please contact us as we have lots of Okanagan BC wildlife, wildflower including some domestic flowers, animals including frogs, deer, marmots, bees, and some birds, moss, trees, lake scenery, photos of Fintry Delta, and whatever you might see along Westside Road BC and surrounding area.

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Yellow Alfalpha or Clover    Young deer found along Westside Road BC    Frog found at Valley of the Sun along Westside of Okanagan Lake BC


Okanagan BC Wild Mushroom photo for sale
Okanagan Wild Mushroom


Okanagan BC Salmon Berry in bloom photo for sale
Okanagan Salmon Berry in bloom taken up Terrace Mountain.


Fishing Boat on Okanagan Lake - Photo for sale
Boat Fishing on Okanagan Lake BC photo for sale


Okanagan BC Osprey Photo for Sale showing Vernon BC in the background
Osprey sitting in a dead tree with Vernon BC in the background photo for sale.


Painted turtle crossing Westside Road BC in the Okanagan BC photo for sale
Photo of a painted turtle sitting in the middle of Westside Road, B.C. near the bottom of Valley of the Sun Hill August 17, 2009


Here is another photo of a Turtle where you can see its face.
Okanagan BC Painted Turtle found at Valley of the Sun ponds.
This photo was taken June 13, 2009


Caterpiller lives in the Okanagan out Westside Road BC in the Okanagan
Okanagan BC Caterpiller


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